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Pelleted Chicken Manure

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International Ag Labs has found a good source of chicken manure that comes from cage layers. It's dried and pelletized and put into a granule. The analysis is 4-3-2 11% Ca -- this is a pretty significant calcium source.

Chicken manure provides a good form of natural boron and a lot of trace minerals as well. Due to the high heat and the processing of this, there would be no biology in it, but the minerals and the organic materials would make for a very good enhancement in soil.

This product is very good to be used along with the other minerals needed to remineralize the soil, particularly soft rock phosphate and limestone. The reason this assists in that is that the chicken manure will begin to break down in the soil fairly quickly. As it does, it creates organic acids and those organic acids help break down the mineral fertilizers that are nearby. So the acids would help to break down the soft rock phosphate and the limestone, making both the calcium and the phosphorus more quickly available to the crop.

The chicken manure provides some good organic material as well and this would actually release some carbon dioxide into the soil which can be picked up by the root and can be an in-soil source of carbon dioxide, which is many times lacking in many fertility programs.

This product is available by bulk semiload at present, and in the future it may be available in tote bags.

If you have any further questions, you can call Gary for pricing at the number above, or if you want to know more about the impact of chicken manure, you can send your request to International Ag Labs via the form below.

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  • 9/25/14

    Good News Regarding Potassium Sulfate 0-0-50 Availability!

    I can gladly say there is now some available so if you are interested let me know.

    • There is a limited supply of SOP in totes FOB Ft. Madison, IA at $797/ton prepaid
    • Bulk potassium sulfate (SOP): $808/ton FOB Morris, IL, prepaid


    Earlier is Better!

    When it comes to getting your fertilizers for the Fall or Spring season, earlier is certainly better. For those of you interested in Florida soft rock phosphate, you probably are aware of the huge backlog and delays we had due to the bad weather down in Florida earlier this year.

    Well, the good news is that right now you can get bulk granular soft rock from Florida with no delays! It is ready and waiting for you! We can’t guarantee it will be that way for much longer as the Fall season is upon us and things tend to get busier. If you are thinking of making an order, earlier is better!

    Our main supplier of pelletized gypsum and lime has a new product that provides the benefits of humic substances with a soluble source of calcium and sulfur in one homogenous pellet. SuperCal Humic blends 15% humic substances (Leonardite) with 85% SuperCal SO4, humic acids and complex carbohydrates. This is available in bulk at $360/ton FOB Gilmore City, IA.


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