New Florida Colloidal Soft Rock - Rock Bottom Price!

We are happy to finally be able to offer you a new Florida colloidal soft rock at a rock bottom price. It contains 14.9% phosphorus, 18.5% calcium, a high analysis of silicon and an exceptional amount of other trace minerals. This bio-phosphate is microbe-friendly which is imperative for a healthy soil regeneration program producing the ideal nutrient-dense products. This phosphate source has no problem with high levels of heavy metals.

It comes in two basic forms at the moment: a granule made of the compressed soft rock which is then sifted to separate granule from powder and a powder form. Both are available in bulk, bulk bags of 2000 lbs and on pallets of 50# bags in truckload quantities only.

This is a 100% natural organic fertilizer and within the next 2 months or so will have its own OMRI certificate for those who need one.

Contact us for a delivered price and let us know how much you need and if you need bulk or bag & don’t forget to give us the zip code of your delivery site.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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