We have a special offer on an animal feed phosphate (similar to DAP without ammonium).

The material has been compromised with a contaminant (small rocks ranging from pebble to powder in size), and can no longer be sold within the animal feed industry due to the very high standards that apply to that industry.

However, it can be offered to the fertilizer market.

So, if you are in need of a good price to increase your phosphate levels, these products are currently available for pickup and ready to move. It isn’t a whole lot so, first come first served.

--11 tons bulk of MDCP 21% (contact me for spec sheet)
   Price: $230/ton prepaid FOB Louisiana, MO - 63353

--25 tons bulk of MCP 22.7% (contact me for spec sheet)
   Price: $240/ton prepaid FOB McKees Rocks, PA 15136

Let me know if you need a delivered price & get me a zip code & I will try to arrange freight for you. You are welcome to pick it up yourself as well.

Best regards,



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