News on Potassium Sulfate and Chicken Manure

As the Fall season is upon us, I have the following news that may be of interest to you:

Potassium sulfate: I am hearing that we will be looking at a possible $30-40 increase very soon across the board on potassium sulfate. You may want to get it now if you will be needing to apply this Fall.

Chicken manure: We have a limited source of composted chicken manure. It is not pelletized yet but it should be available by Spring & at the latest Fall 2019 in a pellet. As it is, not pelletized goes for @ $100/ton depending on the quantity. This is not including freight, only 120 to 150 ton available, first come first served. Location South Central MN.

Give me your zip code and I will get you a delivered price. Thanks and have a great Fall season!

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