Florida Soft Rock Availability and Potassium Sulfate Price Increase

Florida Soft Rock

For those of you wondering if the soft rock out of Florida is still available after the recent Hurricane we have good news from on site:

“…central Florida no storm damage at all…we are ready to load…as soon as this afternoon…”

Prices remain unchanged for Soft Rock.

Potassium Sulfate

On another topic, there will be a price increase on Potassium Sulfate effective 11/1/2018.

However, in an effort to assist with this price transition, orders placed & prepaid before 11/1/2018 and scheduled to ship by 12/31/2018 will be locked at the current price. Any orders placed after 11/1/2018 will be subject to the price increase.

Send us your request for a delivered price & don’t forget to give us your zip code & whether you prefer bag or bulk.

Thank you very much.

Best regards, Gary


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