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What Fertilizer Brokerage Is All AboutFertilizer Brokerage is set up to help farmers get the best delivered prices for a number of products we recommend at International Ag Labs. Some of them are difficult to find or secure and that's why we're providing a way that farmers can go to one spot and request quotes delivered to their farm for various dry and liquid fertilizers. There are a lot of fertilizers that aren't carried locally and this is a service to complement what people can get locally. So if it's a good price, great! If it's not a good price, at least you've checked and done your due diligence. And that's what Fertilizer Brokerage is really all about.

Gary is the person in charge of Fertilizer Brokerage

Gary & Jon Fertilizer Brokerage

Gary works for International Ag Labs on a commission basis and handles everything on our behalf. He'll get quotes for farmers, but the checks don't go to Gary, they go to International Ag Labs. He's authorized to call in the orders as well as check on the freight. He's doing fabulous job. We like how quickly he gets the quotes out and that's why we want him to focus solely on that. When talking with Gary, he'll give you pricing and some basic information on the analysis of the fertilizers. He's not a soil consultant, however, so he'll refer the fine application of it all to Jon. Gary can be reached at 507-236-1954 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jon will answer your questions

Jon is here to handle your questions on the application of fertilizers and will gladly answer any technical questions or further consulting needs you might have when deciding on what fertilizers to order. So don't be surprised if you get an email or phone call from Jon when requesting information on the fertilizers we broker. We're here to serve your operation's fertilizer needs so don't hesitate to contact him at 507-235-6909 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which ever way is convenient for you!

All orders are prepaid

We offer this as a pre-paid system so we give a quote and the price includes the freight delivered to the farm. And if the farmer wants to go ahead and make the purchase, we require 100% pre-paid to International Ag Labs. By doing that we know that we've made a profit, and as a result we can then reduce our profit because we've already got the profit in hand. This really allows us to cut our overhead and expenses and come up with the best price for the farmer. So, we hope it works well for you. Feel free to check quotes and we look forward to working with you!

Soil testing and fertility recommendations

We also offer soil testing and fertility recommendations to help people try to grow quality and improve biology as well as the mineral availability to get better profit from their farm. For more information visit our website www.aglabs.com or call 507-235-6909.

Service of International Ag Labs

Fertilizer Brokerage is a service of International Ag Labs, Inc. Yes, we're a real company and we answer our phones. If you have any questions concerning our Fertilizer Brokerage service, you can give us call us at 507-235-6909 and ask to talk with Wendell or Jon.

International Ag Labs

International Ag Labs, Inc.
P.O. Box 788
Fairmont MN 56031


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OMRI Listed Allganic Nitrogen Plus 15-0-2

For those of you who might have missed it, we have a new Chilean nitrate to offer you.

In the words of our Chilean Nitrate supplier:

"... our new OMRI Listed Allganic Nitrogen Plus 15-0-2...is a homogenous blend of 95% sodium nitrate and 5% potassium sulfate. image

The great part about this product is that it is NOT classified as oxidizer, so it does not ship/store as Hazmat, which should save you on freight and handling costs.

The physical characteristics, such as solubility, are the same as the 16-0-0 product, and it is still 100% nitrate-nitrogen from Chile, so you can expect the same high quality prills you’re accustomed to.

We have this 15-0-2 product available now...and will phase out the 16-0-0 product and are moving completely towards this new and improved 15-0-2 going forward."

Send us your quote request along with your zip code & the amount of product you need. Thanks!


We are announcing a Spring Sale on liquid fish!

To initiate the 2017 growing season we are offering a 10% discount off all regular pricing of the 2-5-0.2 liquid fish & other variations of DRAMM fertilizers.

These sale prices will take effect immediately and end June 30th. Product is available in bulk tanker loads of 5000 gallons or in 275 gallon totes.

Let us know what you need & your zip code & we can get you a delivered cost.

Have a great growing season!

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